Boss themes are fun!

2008-05-03 19:42:39 by kaptainkewl

So like..I just started making boss themes a couple days ago, And they're hard work, but when you finish them, They are freaking insane. I did a nice little drum track along with your basic epicness. And i'm REALLY happy with the turn out, I must say when it comes to Video game songs, "Or Die Trying!!" and my stereo version of "Back at Home" are my two favs. I hope This is showing a major turning point in the quality of my musics and I hope to see some fans come along and give me some kick ass critisim!

See ya guyz later!


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2008-05-10 12:36:26

I listened your new loops, they're good! Of course some need a little work (especially about pianos - I think flexion not every time so good), but the default melodies are good, and the completed songs are so good too! I said: Keep it up! And good luck in your future in compose musics!

Bye! Sheodon


2008-07-23 21:47:45



2008-09-13 21:18:51

I want your keyboard.


2009-12-05 14:35:38

You're a musical god, come back on NG =(