I'm back!

2010-07-28 14:16:19 by kaptainkewl

Kind of. I've been in such a slump with the piano recently, (and by recently I mean like over a year)
It's just, after a while it seemed no matter what I played, even though it may sound different to you guys, it was all sounding the same to me. SO I spent a lot of time learning new techniques and stuff, and Even though the quality is still as crappy as you expect, the actual music itself is much improved.

Here's my first lyrical song on here too.

Boss themes are fun!

2008-05-03 19:42:39 by kaptainkewl

So like..I just started making boss themes a couple days ago, And they're hard work, but when you finish them, They are freaking insane. I did a nice little drum track along with your basic epicness. And i'm REALLY happy with the turn out, I must say when it comes to Video game songs, "Or Die Trying!!" and my stereo version of "Back at Home" are my two favs. I hope This is showing a major turning point in the quality of my musics and I hope to see some fans come along and give me some kick ass critisim!

See ya guyz later!


2008-04-11 02:50:35 by kaptainkewl

I'm getting some good exposure recently. I got a few songs I'm gonna be making for an upcoming turn based game, I'll have more details later, And I Might be getting another one coming soon. I really think My skill has improved alot comopared to my older song's and Really hope I can get more out soon. Thanks again for all the feedback guys, your reviews are helping more and more with every new song I make. I'm gonna be gone for a week or two while I move into the my old house (it caught fire a year and a half ago and is finally finished) But will probably back near end of april to mid may. See you guys Soon!

Yay for music!!!!!!

2008-04-05 23:22:20 by kaptainkewl

Well everyone I just got all the software I need to get back to work on my music Programs So expct Alot of stuff I've been working on to come up soon! My newest is here http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /135405 But there Will be more and the best part is, No more Crappy quality! See ya Soon.

Thanks guy's

2008-02-29 00:02:01 by kaptainkewl

Well, I'ts been a few month's but I seem to be getting on the good side of a few people around here. Just sending out a thanks to the people that are voting me up. I just found out how to fix the quality of alot of my music and will be able to get rid of 99% of that air microphone stuff. Feel Free to put up some requests, Just please don't ask my to remake songs. I'll be happy to do originals to a setting. Feedback is ALWAYS WELCOME. Thanks again guys!